custom tattoos by alayna magnan
custom tattoos by los angeles pinup artist alayna magnan
to book an appointment, please contact sexyinkgirls(at)
custom tattoos by alayna magnan
Progress on this mermaid sleeve.  I could tattoo mermaids every day.  Oh wait, I practically do! :)
Chipping away at reworking this sleeve, giving each of these many sirens a sexy L.A. makeover :)
Bzzzzz bzzzzz…
No shortage of adorable
Batman bitches are about to go down ;)
Staging the perfect instagram photo…
Client went for a different version so this baby is up for grabs. Would love to tattoo it on someone.
 If interested email (first available appointment is late February 2015)
My station is always filled with (sketches of) bitches :)
Fun little poppy banger #alaynamagnan
Got to finish up this sexy gypsy! :) #alaynamagnan #bestink #sexyinkgirls
Such an honor to do a memorial portrait and when my client teared up when she saw the tattoo, so did I